3 Interview Questions to Ask New Recruits

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New agent recruitment and a real estate broker license go hand-in-hand. Here are three questions to instantly gage if a new recruit deserves a second interview or directions to the door.

1. You're new to the industry. How will you generate business?

Positive response: "I've been preparing to start a career in real estate for the last few months. I now have a database of all my contacts that I can call to generate leads. I also plan on marketing to expired listings by door-knocking."

If you offer the recruit a second interview, ask them to bring a copy of their contact database on CD. This will provide actual evidence of a sphere of influence.

2. What makes a real estate agent successful?

Positive response: "A balance of patience and ambition to market themselves and to provide the very best services to their clients."

You're looking for that twinkle in their eye that says their motivated and understand that in order to be successful, they have to go after leads like prey.

3. What do you think about real estate continuing education and training?

Positive response: "I think it's a top priority. I want to continually refine my skills. If I'm not up-to-date with the latest industry trends, I won't be able to assist my clients in the way they deserve."

You want an agent that values education. Delve into the topic further by asking about what kind of training would be useful to an agent. Discussion of technology, farming and other forms of marketing signal the possibility of a motivated recruit.

By Danielle Macklin, Allied Schools,www.brokerlicense.com

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